Getting Outdoors!

With lockdown easing, we decided it was time to go off in the campervan for a few days.

We headed off towards Brecon and Abergavenny and whilst looking for a spot that I had discovered on Google Earth we took a wrong turn and found ourselves a little lost, although this worked out quite well as we happened to find a little layby near a canal! We stayed there for a few hours and I was able to paint a nice canal scene. It was quite a hot and sunny day but luckily I was in shade under the bridge so I spent a few hours painting and managed to capture this lovely scene of the canal.

More close to home, I decided to pop down into Aberaeron and do a painting of the harbour. As usual the harbour scene in Aberaeron is just far too complicated with too many boats and too many houses! So I certainly had to simplify this scene by reducing it to three boats and probably 10% of the houses that are actually visible whilst still managing to capture this iconic scene of Aberaeron.

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