Morning rush hour

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

A nice early start to set the stage before the actors arrive!

Aberaeron just before 8am

When I say rush hour, this is Wales and when I think back to my commutes into London and Oxford....Aberaeron is pretty pleasant! Anyway, my plan was to get down nice and early into town and paint the hussle and bustle of the Aberaeron morning traffic and people going off to work.

Quickly blocking in the shops (stage) ready for the locals to arrive (actors)

The traffic had picked up by now and a few people were rushing by. Aberaeron Church and the road disappering off in the distance could be painted very loose as this is just a back drop, like in a play you don't stare at the just sets the stage!

By now the town was buzzing, cars and people whizzing past, a few locals commenting about the painting and they walked by. Also a few bus drivers gave me the thumbs up, or maybe they were just asking me to step to one side as I was (although on the pavement) just inside thier turning circle!

Rush hour in Aberaeron, Oil on Canvas 16"x20"

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