On a cold winter's morning

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I'm walking up the hill in Ffosyffin at about 7.30am. It's about two degrees with still a frost on the fields. The sun is still ten to fifteen minutes away and there is a pinky blue haze in the sky. I set my easel up as quickly as possible to capture the scene before the sun floods it with light.

Working on a small canvas board, I'm just trying to capture the feeling of the winter morning light. The background is painted very loosely, with trees in the mid ground, and I'm now working on the foreground as the sun has just broken above the hills and has filled the area with nice warm oranges and reds which work really well in the painting. I've got a nice contrast of the cool blues and pinks in the distance which recedes now with the warm foreground. The sun is quite high in the sky now so the scene has completely changed, but I've taken down enough information to capture this moment and I now have a good likeness of the scene from which I can work on a larger piece at home in the studio.

I've captured the true colours of this winter's morning, along with a few good photographic references. The camera never really shows the true colour so this sketch will be invaluable for future reference.

I shall now pack away my things and head down the hill to see what else I can find to inspire me.....

Watch me paint this scene!

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