Outdoor painting in sunshine!

It was drizzling when I set off this morning, but I was determind to paint outdoors today and was quite prepared to paint under a bridge or get the brolly out!

But to my suprise and delight the clouds cleared and the sun came out to play.

After walking around for a bit looking for spots to paint, I decided on this scene with the Harbourmaster's hut. It was a bit daunting as so many boats and reflections, but wanted to crack on while the sun was out.

This was the under painting, done in acrylics to speeds things up. They dried almost instantly as the panel was in the direct sunlight.

Painting it bright sunlight can make it difficult to see colours accurately, but I quite liked the fact I probably over saturated the colours and it had a feel of a bright day. I have plenty of wet grey scenes of Wales!

Here are a few close ups. When painting outdoors it really loosens up my style and the painting I feel is full of energy.

This painting will be for sale in a week or two when it is dry, so get in contact if you would like to see it on your wall!

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