Test driving my new easel!

I designed and built my own watercolour easel. I wanted something compact to carry and house watercolour paper and the materials to paint. I also carry a bag with camera and water. As predicted it was going to be quite windy at porthgain where I was painting at the seafront so I used my bag as a weight which I had hooked underneath the easel to help keep it on the ground.

This was the first watercolour. A harbour scene, it was very windy here with water splashing up from the harbour wall so not ideal conditions.

For my second painting a little bit more sheltered from the wind. These two boats on trailers made an interesting subject.

We left porthgain and drove just down the road to Abercastle, again very windy here so decided to just take some photos for some painting later in the studio and had a nice walk along the coastal path instead.

After lunch we drove towards Strumble Head Lighthouse, the road started getting a bit too narrow and a bit muddy so we decided to turn around. We found a nice car park that we passed before turning around which had a great view.

So another opportunity to try out my easel and do a watercolour. I then also did an oil painting as this was a good subject for this medium too.

The next day we were we were at Ceibwr in Pembrokeshire. Still very over

cast and windy...but what do you expect in Wales in January!

When I got home it was time to have a look at the watercolour paintings and the oil painting. See them with fresh eyes and in a different light, maybe even put a mount around them!

And the oil painting....

So all in all a good trip, great to get away in the camper van and take lots of photos for inspiration for next weeks painting!

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